Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Verizon iPhone Order Number

Like many people, I had always wanted an iPhone, but never owned one because AT&T service in New York is pretty bad.  So when Verizon announced that the iPhone was coming, I was very pleased. 

So this morning at about 3:10 am EST, I logged in to my Verizon account to buy my first iPhone.  I was not eligible for the upgrade, so I had to plunk down the full price for the 32gb model.  I convinced myself that it was worth it, since I use iTunes and have tons of apps for my iPad and iTouch.  Surprising, the process went rather smoothly.

I have received a confirmation email from Verizon at 5:16 am confirming my purchase and received an order number: 14,5xx.  This is different from the order reference number, which was the preorder number.  I would assume that the order number indicates that I am approximately the 14,000th buyer on the Verizon website.

If your have purchased a Verizon iPhone, kindly post your order number and the approximate time of your order so that everyone can get an idea of how sales are going.  I know you may be concerned about your privacy, so I suggest that you post like I did, with "xx" replacing the last two digits.



  1. Ordered 2:58, (yes, it let me in early) order #8,6XX

  2. Ordered around 3:00 a.m. on Feb. 3 and my order number is:


    This doesn't seem possible but that's what it is so I'm not sure if the numbers are sequential...

  3. Thanks for the comments. 3am EST? If that is the case, maybe the order numbers are not sequential. I guess Verizon doen't want anyone to have any idea how many were being sold.